Sunday, July 27, 2008

"A Gathering of Strangers" 2008

This year the annual Salt Lake City Boardgaming convention "A Gathering of Strangers" was a two-day event.

Like last year, it was in the Saltaire Room at the Student Union Building at the University of Utah. Ryan was at his usual spot at the front registration desk:

The attendance for was fairly strong for both days:

There were all kinds of games being played. The Math Trade and general trading tables will filled with games. The game library was manned by members of the Board Game Designers Guild of Utah. Game Night Games helped sponsor the event again. Here was the booth we had set up at the convention:

There were also demos put on by several people. John and Kristi Colaizzi (a.k.a the local "Men in Black" for Steve Jackson Games) did some demos of "Munchkin" and Phil Kilcrease did demos of the hot new game "Agricola":

We also had Jay Tummelson from Rio Grande Games attending. He was demoing one of the new games that will be coming out soon from Rio Grande called "Dominion".

Overall, the convention was a lot of fun for everyone.

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